Yes, the program enables participants to directly purchase Halliburton common shares and/or reinvest dividends from Halliburton common shares. Detailed information on this program, its features, fees, terms, and conditions is available at, or by calling Computershare at 1-800-279-1227 and requesting an enrollment package.

Yes, Direct Registration or book-entry stock ownership is available to all Halliburton shareholders. Either new purchases of the Company's stock or currently held share certificates can be converted to book-entry.

The primary benefit of Direct Registration is a safe and convenient method of maintaining your shares in the Company. Shares can be electronically transferred into or out of your account simply by contacting Computershare. A physical stock certificate can be issued to you upon request. Additionally, you can sell all or a portion of shares held in your book-entry account either through Computershare or by electronically transferring your shares to your brokerage account. For more information on the sale of stock held in book-entry, contact Computershare at 1-800-279-1227.

Lost, stolen or destroyed stock certificates must be replaced under an open-penalty indemnity bond for which the insurance carrier charges a premium. Computershare can assist you in obtaining the replacement security.

Simply contact our Exchange Agent, Computershare, at 1-800-279-1227, and they will provide you with the necessary documents and instructions.

The CUSIP number for Halliburton Company is 406216101.

A holder’s tax basis in KBR common stock received in the exchange offer (including any fractional interest in KBR common stock to which the holder was entitled) is the same as the aggregate basis of the holder’s Halliburton common stock that was exchanged. For example, if you exchanged Halliburton common stock with a cost basis of $1,000, your cost basis for the KBR common stock you received in exchange would equal $1,000 less any cash received in lieu of fractional shares. In addition, the date of acquisition for the KBR shares will remain the date you acquired the exchanged Halliburton shares.

The New York Stock Exchange began publishing the stock-split affected market price of Halliburton stock on July 17, 2006. Certificates or other documentation representing the new shares were mailed on or about July 14, 2006, and par value of the common stock remained at $2.50 per share.

Since 1980, Halliburton common stock has undergone three 2:1 stock splits with distribution dates on December 1, 1980, July 21, 1997, and July 14, 2006.